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Gresham House Ireland Disclaimer

Gresham House Asset Management Ireland Limited is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. 


  • If you invest in any of the funds you may lose some or all of the money you invest.
  • Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.
  • Appian Funds may be affected by changes in currency exchange rates
  • The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

Please note that any target return noted in this material is not guaranteed.

The Gresham House Global Multi-Asset Fund, Gresham House Global Thematic Multi-Asset Fund, Gresham House Global Equity Fund, Gresham House Global Small Company Fund and the Gresham House Euro Liquidity Fund are Retail Investment Alternative Investment Funds and are sub-funds of the Appian Unit Trust.

The Gresham House Commercial Property Fund is a limited Liquidity fund and is only open to qualifying Investors. A minimum investment threshold of €100,000 applies. Redemptions are at the discretion of the directors and minimum investment term prior to any redemption request being considered is two years from investment.

Further information in relation to all risks for each fund is provided in the relevant Fund Prospectus and supplements available on request.

The information contained in this material is not financial advice. Nor does it constitute an offer for the purchase or sale of any financial instruments, trading strategy, product or service. No one receiving this material should treat any of its contents as constituting advice. It does not take into account the investment objectives, knowledge, experience or financial situation of any particular person. You should seek advice in the context of your own personal circumstances prior to investing or taking out any product from your own independent adviser.

This material has been prepared and issued by Gresham House Asset Management Ireland Limited on the basis of publicly available information, internally developed data and other sources believed to be reliable. While all reasonable care has been given to the preparation of the information, no warranties or representation, express or implied are given or liability accepted by Gresham House Asset Management Ireland Limited or its affiliates or any directors or employees in relation to the accuracy, fairness or completeness of the information contained herein. Any opinion expressed (including estimates and forecasts) may be subject to change without notice.

The above disclaimer and limitations of liability are applicable to the fullest extent permitted by law, whether in Contract, Statute, Tort (including without limitation, negligence) or otherwise.