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  • The World Bank released their GDP forecasts for 2019 and in spite of the numerous negative economic and political headlines listed by different media organizations there were only very slight downgrades to their previous forecasts. The Global, US, Chinese and Eurozone economies are expected to grow 2.9%, 2.5%, 6.2% and 1.6% respectively – a relatively benign outcome should it materialize.
  • The US Government shutdown is now the longest on record. At this stage, it will not influence our outlook for the US economy in 2019 but the longer it drags out the greater the likelihood it will negatively distort US Q1 GDP.
  • The Chairman (Powell) and the Vice Chairman (Clarida) of the Federal Reserve expressed more dovish comments reiterating that future monetary policy will be data dependent. Is there now a Powell Put in place for equity markets?
  • In spite of weaker than expected Q3 ’18 GDP figures from Germany (auto sector woes), France (yellow vest protests) and Italy (populist budget concerns) Eurozone unemployment has fallen below 8% (see graph). It has been an arduous journey to get to these levels.