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November 2022 Is it time to buy equities?
October 2022 Is it safe to buy bonds?
September 2022 Has the crescendo of fear brought the US Dollar to a peak?
August 2022 Commodities - is cyclical weakness masking a structural opportunity?
July 2022 Uncertainty has caused the third greatest derating of equities
June 2022 The future for multi-asset funds
May 2022 Is it time for equities to climb the wall of worry?
April 2022 The implications of rising bond yields
March 2022 Commodity price increases - the risks and opportunities
February 2022 Has the bear market started?
January 2022 Is 2022 going to be the same as 2021?
December 2021 Shades of 1999 / 2000
November 2021 Alternative assets_ The attractions are real…
October 2021 What is the alternative to the traditional 60/40?
September 2021 The global calm after the storm
August 2021 Stocks for the value renaissance
July 2021 Inflation and equities: A value renaissance ahead?
June 2021 The Inflation Debate
May 2021 The speculative bubble is bursting, could it take expensive ‘Glamour’ stocks with it?
April 2021 Investing for the Next Decade
March 2021 If Public Investors Won’t Recognise Value, Someone Else Will
February 2021 The Start of the Great Rotation?
January 2021 Where are we now (2021)?
December 2020 It’s (not) the Economy, Stupid
November 2020 The implications of the US Elections results?
October 2020 Can technology revitalise real economy stocks?
September 2020 Something Important Has Just Changed: The Long Term Outlook for Financial Assets
August 2020 The Investment Medicine for the post Covid-19 period?
July 2020 Half Price Meals to Save the Day?
June 2020 The Nigel Farage Nightmare
May 2020 S&P 500: A Narrow Rally Rather than a Real Rally
April 2020 Beyond The Virus: Lost Year not Lost Decade?
March 2020 Market Update 30th March 2020
March 2020 The “Coronavirus” Bear Market
February 2020 View on Market impact of Coronavirus
February 2020 Impacting the Appian Way
February 2020 The Canary in the Coal Mine
January 2020 Are the Returns of 2019 the New Normal?
December 2019 The Opposite of Expensive Large Cap US Growth?
November 2019 Have you had your Fiscal shot?
October 2019 The Changes Currently Ongoing In Equity Markets
September 2019 Dividend Yield to Bond Yield Extremes - An Opportunity for Equities
August 2019 Sometimes it's Time to Say Goodbye
July 2019 The Yield Conundrum
June 2019 Trump, tariffs, the economy and markets?
May 2019 The Cycle: Endgame – are we there yet?
April 2019 Are we in the Twilight Zone?
March 2019 The Biggest Risk to Markets May Not Be What You Think.
February 2019 Small Caps Equities – Appian Well Positioned for Growth
February 2019 Are we in the Twilight Zone?
January 2019 Darkest Before the Dawn?
December 2018 The Trade War and its impact on Markets
November 2018 UBS: Survival of the Most Adaptable
October 2018 Appian on the Ground in Germany
September 2018 It’s a Wonderful Life!
August 2018 Are Financial Markets a case for Mulder and Scully?
July 2018 Appian Value Fund: Preserving Capital Amid Market Stress
May 2018 The Return of the Celtic Tiger?
April 2018 Volatility has Returned to Financial Markets
March 2018 Bonds – Past the Inflection Point
February 2018 Active Management: There is a Right Way.
January 2018 2017 – Focussed on the Fundamentals
December 2017 Star Wars: The Retail Battle
November 2017 ASCOF – Doubled in First Five Years
October 2017 Star Quality
September 2017
August 2017 Currency Swings and Roundabouts
July 2017 Jonah Lomu or Sir Edmund Hillary???
June 2017 Now is the Time to Buy Europe and Bitcoin!
May 2017 Europe – A View From Inside.
April 2017 Europe – A Surprise Package?
March 2017 “It’s Too Risky to Invest”
February 2017 Has Trump Made Equity Markets Great Again?
January 2017 An “Event-Full” year.
December 2016 Bond Bear
November 2016 A focus on quality and valuation differentiates Appian Funds
October 2016 It’s the politics stupid
September 2016 Bankers throwing the kitchen sink at it!
August 2016 Superior Free Cash Flow Yields Produce Superior Risk Adjusted Returns
July 2016 How we stand today
June 2016 Brexit – What Now?
May 2016 Looking Forward
April 2016 Irish Commercial Property: Health Check
March 2016 Smaller Companies and their Sterling Exposure
February 2016 Covering the Blind Side!
January 2016 2015 – A Very Good Result!
December 2015 Seeing the Wood from the Trees!
October 2015 ASCOF 80% in successful first three years
September 2015 Summer Storms
July 2015 At the Helm
June 2015 Volatility – these are best of times, these are the worst of times.
May 2015 Spring
April 2015 Currency Notes
March 2015 So far, so good, so Appian.
February 2015 Euromillions!
January 2015 Another Solid Year from Appian
December 2014 Smaller Company M&A – Buyers not just Targets
November 2014 Banking on a recovery
October 2014 A Global Perspective
September 2014 Low inflation is a good thing - right?

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